Mold Damage

Mold damage in a home can be especially difficult to remove permanently

Without a trained and fully certified technician performing the work, the mold may not be completely removed, or it may simply grow back in a few months.

Mold has been found to damage personal property, and also to seriously affect the health of many residents within a household -- especially those with asthma or allergies.
Mold damage often happen when structures are not dried properly, within a proper amount of time or via an unidentified water leak. When a water loss is not handled properly it could cause mold but more importantly cause illness to you, your family, friends and pets.. We know what to look for and where to look. Let us handle your water or mold remediation.

Mold Restoration Service

Our managers have the knowledge and experience to put the pieces of the puzzle together and locate the source of mold and make recommendations to correct the issues properly. Providing service to both residential structures and commercial businesses:

Inspection: A proper inspection must be conducted to locate the source of moisture. Many mold remediation contractor will go into a project and simply take care of the obvious fungal growth. When the drywall goes back into place and the source of moisture hasn’t been properly sought out and remedied the mold eventually comes back. We know without proper inspection prior to any demolition and cleaning we could be wasting our client’s time and money.

Containment: The affected area or areas must be contained to prevent cross-contamination of the structure. If the mold is removed from an area without containment being erected first, the opportunity for spreading the mold into unaffected areas is great and can have serious consequences.

Demolition: Removal of affected materials is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Demolition for mold remediation must be conducted properly to prevent the spread of the growth. Proper air-flow must be set in place and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be worn to protect the health of the occupants and the employees completing the work.

Cleaning: Cleaning procedures for mold remediation are a little different than cleaning procedures for smoke on walls. Our staff knows the proper cleaning methods for mold remediation and how to apply them properly.

Chemical Application: We use an EPA registered antimicrobial agent on mold remediation projects. This product is plant based and has no known health effects for people using it. That means people within the affected structure are absolutely safe when in the presence of the chemical being used. We understand it can be counterproductive if the mold is removed but our client becomes ill due to harsh chemical reactions. You do not have to worry about this when Restore Team completes a mold remediation project for you.

Equipment: A crucial element for successful mold remediation is the equipment used. We use HEPA air scrubbers clean the air and remove loose fungal spores during remediation


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