Water Damage

Water emergencies can’t wait. Our highly trained technicians act fast using industry-approved, proven techniques to remove water quickly and completely dry the area to avoid further damage. Water Damage Restoration can be an arduous task.

When you have a flood or water leak, water has the tendency to intrude and degrade any surface it comes in contact with. Not only will you need to remove the water from the structure, you may need to repair and replace any building materials such as: wet drywall, wet carpet, wet ceiling tiles, wet wood beams and wet tile.

We have comprehensive experience in water damage restoration. We’ve handled everything from a partially wet room, to an entirely flooded major department store. We have gotten individuals and large businesses back up and running as soon as possible. The most important thing is to prevent further damage to your property.

In addition to the experience and expertise, we have the latest technologically advanced drying equipment in the industry. We use vacuum machines to remove as much water as possible, as quickly as possible, to prevent the water damage from spreading any further. Then we set up high volume air movers and dehumidifiers. The faster the drying, the less chance there is of further damage or potential mold problems from the effects of high humidity. We also monitor the drying process with the latest moisture detecting equipment that tells us when everything is thoroughly dry, including the hidden areas behind walls and built-ins.

Emergency Service

When water is on the move, timing is critical. We answer the call and jump into action 24/7. Recognizing the trauma and emotional disruption that most people suffer, we work compassionately, professionally and quickly to contain the water first.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Below are some actions that we will take on every water damage project:

  • Confer with client to confirm that the source of water has been located and alleviated
  • Conduct preliminary moisture inspection of affected materials to determine the most efficient plan of action to get the structure dried as quickly as possible
  • Inspect for safety hazards that may pose a threat to the building occupants
  • Extraction / removal of bulk water from ducts and floor coverings
  • Manipulate contents within the affected areas of the structure to minimize damages to furniture, electronic equipment, etc.
  • Set drying equipment in place
  • Removal of some materials that may be necessary to access hidden pockets of moisture that could later result in mold growth
  • Take moisture readings and document findings
  • Diagram of the affected areas
  • Scope the water damage to write and estimate in our estimating software
  • Confer with your insurance carrier and keep them up to date on progress
  • Monitor the project during drying to assure that proper steps have been taken to facilitate rapid drying
  • Upload information and project documentation into our electronic project management program


Licensed and Insured

A premiere Central Florida licensed and insured contractor since 1991, we serve Orlando, Winter Park and other areas of Orange, Seminole and Osceola Counties. We Stand Ready to meet all your repair/renew/remodel needs.

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