Fire Damage

Fire damage can be devastating and also an extremely traumatic event. Only a professional restoration company should perform the dangerous and complex task of fire restoration and smoke removal. When construction materials like glue, paint, solvents, are exposed to fire, release dangerous gases and materials that should be handled with extreme caution.

At Restore Team, our team of trained professionals can help you recover from any fire disaster and get you on the road of recovery. Along with providing damage assessment, appraisal, valuation and free estimates, we can help you with other services.

Board Up/Emergency Service

We offer 24-Hour emergency board-up services. An unoccupied home, either damaged or abandoned, is like an open safe sitting on a street corner. The contents within are unprotected, highly visible, and easily taken. If curious children, vandals, thieves, or squatters know it’s vacant they will enter. This can result in stolen property, costly damage, and possible liability.

Proper Board Up can save you time and money. If the high winds of a storm send a tree crashing through your home or business, often times it won’t just suffer from the initial destruction caused by the tree. Water and other debris entering your home or office can lead to significant damage. Immediate Board Up of the exposed area will keep moisture and other irritants at bay until more extensive repairs can take place.

If your home is unoccupied for any reason call Restore Team today and ask about out affordable board up services.

Fire Restoration

A large fire loss to your home is a devastating event. Often times, the homeowner isn’t sure what to do. The process is almost always unfamiliar and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. At Restore Team, we’re here to help you through the steps.

Hidden damages are caused during a blaze by extreme heat, smoke, and the extinguishing of the fire. These elements cause damage well beyond the burned area. Heat causes hidden micro-cracks in concrete, brick, and masonry. Smoke makes soot buildup along these cracks as well as in every other room in the structure. The water used to extinguish the structure fire creates the potential for mold to grow. At Restore Team we evaluate all of these factors before repair to ensuring the best possible restoration of your building. Restoring any building after a fire is a big job.

Smoke damage is particularly nasty in that the smell of smoke can penetrate through new layers of construction. We do the extra work of ensuring that all of our projects have adequate seal from smoke damage. This involves tearing off any drywall damaged by fire and smoke and applying smoke sealant products to framing or attic spaces to ensure that the smoke smell does not return or penetrate any layers of wood or drywall after your project is complete. These extra steps ensures the longevity, comfort, and safety of the completed restoration project.

Fire can cause more than obvious visual damage. There are unseen damages as well that are costly to repair and hazardous to your health if not repair properly. After a fire has damaged your home or office, contact us for a fast, friendly, and professional consultation.

Licensed and Insured

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